Mechanical Seal Door

  Containment you
can rely on

Stainless steel door leaf available, tested to 2500PA (10" W.G.)

The mechanical seal doors are ideal solutions for an airtight barrier without any reliance on compressed air and wheeled traffic is not required.  The door leaf compresses a seal against the doorframe to provide a fail-safe seal in the event of power failure.

The crushed seal door sets are applicable for all containment applications.

The door set has a precision machined door leaf with no hollow core and operation is via a stainless steel arm fixed to a multi-point locking system in the door frame.  Operation of the door is a simple one handed operation from either side of the door.

The design of the door set provides easy service access with the interlock in the door frame and keeps the weight of the door leaf down.

The door set can be linked to a an access control system if required.

There is a threshold on the door set and if a flush threshold is required please see the PBSC pneumatic seal door set.

Key Features

Simple fail-safe design  
One handed operation  
Low maintenance  
Robust design with the mechanism in the door frame.  

Solid core door leaf

Flush glazed vision panel  


Wide Range of Colours, please ask PBSC what can be provided.  
Interlock Systems  
Frame designs to seal to almost all wall types i.e. partition, cast concrete, stud or block.  


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