Inflatable Seal Door Set – HPL Door Leaf

  Excellent containment control and functionality

Pneumatic seal doors provide the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic, wheeled equipment or large animals. The doorframe is flush with the floor eliminating the trip hazard inherent in mechanical seal doors.

The seal around the perimeter of the door is inflated by compressed air against a wrap-around doorframe and provides excellent resistance to leakage up to pressure differences of 2000Pa (8" w.g.). It can be operated using an existing medical-grade compressed ir system or if compressed air is not available PBSC can provide a compressed air systems in the pneumatic panel.

PBSC provide a high quality sub-frame to form the engineered interface for the door set to install into, this can be for casting into a concrete wall or a fixing to a formed opening in a stud wall. PBSC will provide the correct solution for the application.

The door sets are provided with a flush maglock and proximity switch. PBSC provide a pneumatic panel with the door, this can be linked to a BMS or PBSC can provide a door control panel to operate the door. The door leaf is machined from a solid sheet of material.

The door leaf is a complete solid core with a range of colour options to the outer faces. The stock colour is white. The door leaf is stiffened with stainless steel bracing and is hung on the frame via solid stainless steel hinges.

The vision panels are flush glazed to the door leaf with no visible fixings.

The frame has fully welded back boxes and conduits with air tight glands on the barrier interface.

The services can come in from the front of the door frame or through the wall into the top of the door frame. There is an access panel on the door frame to allow service access to the pipes in the door frame.

The door set is provided with a sub-frame which provides the engineered interface which the door frame seals against. The door frame seals against the wall without any reliance on the mastic seal which is used provide the aesthetic finish to the wall. The door frame is fixed via a series of studs, therefore no need for site welding and heat to the frame and wall.

Another frame option is a Pharma frame, which is designed with minimal visble fixings. Both frame types can have either a stainless steel or solid core HPL door leaf.

Key Features

Flushed glazed vision panels, round or rectangular.

High leakage resistance across the complete door set.  
Monitoring of seal pressure  
Solid core door leaf  
Unique PBSC cast stainless steel hinge assembly allowing maximum clear opening  
Flush threshold on door frame  
Stand alone PLC controls are available.  


Wide Range of Colours, please ask PBSC what can be provided.  
Interlock Systems.  
Frame designs to seal to almost all wall types i.e. partition, cast concrete, stud or block.  
Pharmaceutical frame design with no visible fixings on the frame to the wall.  
UPS to PLC’s  

inflatable seal door

inflatable seal door
inflatable seal door

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