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Emergency Escape Panel / Breakout Panel / Service Access Panels

The emergency escape panel, also known as a break out panel or kickout panel, provides a quick escape from a cleanroom.  Also regularly used as a window that can be easily removed for equipment access routes during planned shut downs.
The breakout panel is available with a 1.6mm thick frame in either polished stainless steel or polyester powder coat finish.  The frame has a high quality acrylic sheet fitted by a rubber gasket. 
Quick to remove, it takes around 6 seconds to fully remove the light weight panel. 

To remove the acrylic sheet the operative takes the stainless steel pull handle fitted to the inner rubber and pulls out the inner rubber from around the acrylic panel.   This makes the acrylic panel loose in the main rubber gasket.  The operative now holds the two stainless steel pull handles and pulls the acrylic panel out of the gasket.

Key Features

Made to Suit Finished Wall Thickness  
Flush Wrap Around Frame – to both sides of the wall  
Welded and Polished Construction and Finish  


304 or 316L stainless steel construction  
Powder coated steel in a wide range of RAL/BS colours  
Stainless Steel Pull Handles  
Pull or Push Types available  
Escape from Both Side option  
Clear / Opaque Acrylic Panel  
Can be installed in front of an External Fire Door  


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