Phenolic Resin Door Set
  Excellent containment control and functionality

Looks can be deceiving, these doors are strong and robust.

Ideal for laboratory, cleanroom and corrosive environments, these doors are incredibly tough. Unlike metal doors, they will not dent, scratch or corrode, and most importantly, they have no hollow cavities where harmful microbes can grow.

Meticulously engineered and manufactured with a solid core of phenolic resin leaf material, these doors are impervious to most chemicals and cleaning agents. They will also improve the looks of your facility as they are available in a wide array of designer colors and incorporate the renowned PBSC stainless steel or powder coated wrap-around doorframe featuring clean, uninterrupted lines.

Key Features

Sturdy 3 Piece Framework System

Full Wrap Around Shroud / Architrave – Stainless or Powder Coated  
Welded and Polished Frame Construction  
Unique PBSC Cast Stainless Steel Hinge Assembly – Allowing for Maximum Clear Opening  
Solid Door Leaf  
Custom Frame Width Made to Suit Site Specific Wall Thickness  
No Rebate on Frame – Maximum Clear Opening  
PBSC Concealed Door Closer with Hold Open Facility  
No Visible Fixings  
Flush Glazed Vision Panels  

Single, Double or Leaf & 1/2 Door Options  
Light Tight Vision Panels  
Interlock Systems  
Air Transfer Grilles  
Electric / Hydraulic Auto Openers / Closers  


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