Clean Room Door Set
  Smooth & flush engineering

Possibly the best engineered and robust steel door system available on today’s market. With its Seamless Frame and Flush Vision Panel, this, the original PBSC door, has stood the test of time with its precision design, manufacture at installations throughout the Pharmaceutical industry.

It is renowned by our clients for its lasting quality and durability, with most of our initial installations some 20 years ago still retaining their original quality of finish.

The steel door set is purpose built for laboratories with minimal visible fixings, true flush glazing to both sides of the door leaf with not rebates or fixings and the PBSC concealed closer system which provides a single solid closer arm in solid stainless steel and a closer sealed into the door frame to remove the ledges created and the difficult to clean arms on the conventional surface mounted closers.

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Key Features

Sturdy 3 Piece Framework System  
Full Wrap Around Shroud / Architrave – Stainless or Powder Coated to match Door Leaf  
Welded and Polished Frame Construction  
Steel Sub-Frame  
Unique PBSC Cast Stainless Steel Hinge Assembly – Allowing for Maximum Clear Opening  
Custom Frame Width Made to Suit Site Specific Wall Thickness
No Rebate on Frame  
PBSC Concealed Door Closer with Hold Open Facility  
No Visible Fixings  
Flush Glazed Vision Panels  


Single, Double or Leaf & 1/2 Door Options  
Flush Maglocks for Interlock Systems  
Light Tight Vision Panels  
Air Transfer Grilles  
Electric / Hydraulic Auto Openers / Closers  

Classic steel doors

Classic steel doors

Classic Steel Door

classic steel door

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