WiC HPV Chamber
  Rapid, Safe and Reliable

Our large capacity material airlock is ideal for hydrogen peroxide vapor decontamination of large material and equipment loads in laboratories and clean rooms. It comes configured to plug and play with a state-of-the-art Bioquell HPV Clarus generator, using Bioquell’s patented dual loop technology for unmatched efficiency.

With over 70 HPV fumigation chambers in active use, PBSC and Bioquell provide a highly reliable system which will provide long lasting results over many years, which has been proven in the field and material compatibility testing is available to provide proof of efficacy before committing to the hydrogen peroxide material decontamination chamber.

Effective against a wide range of microorganisms and viruses, the MAL chamber is much more energy efficient and gentler on equipment than large autoclaves. With a HPV generator, it can even be used on heat sensitive items, electronics such as laptops and calibration devices.

The chamber is fitted with an onboard PLC that monitors all critical parameters of each cycle.  Various chamber sizes and both solid core or stainless steel pneumatic seal doors are available.

The entire cycle is run via the colour touch screens on each side of the chamber, which provides information on all the critical chamber parameters.

The chamber can operate with connection to the HVAC system or alternatively it can be fitted with the APB (Air Purge Boost) system which takes fresh air through the chamber which can then be ducted directly to atmosphere, providing quick reliable and safe cycles without any added strain to the HVAC system.

The standard doors are solid High Pressure Laminate air seal doors which offer excellent chemical resistance, and are used in high containment solutions around the world.  These are supplied with large vision panels in each leaf for excellent visibility. An option is also available to use stainless steel inflatable air seal door leaves.

The chamber has no need for free space to the side of the chamber for servicing as access is provided via a service door in the front of the chamber.

It is used globally in facilities to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi throughout the healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical, food production and defense sectors.

Key features

No pit in the floor or side access for service required  
Large Vision Panels, with True Flush Glazing to both sides.  
Reliable and proven sealing with inflatable seal doors.  
Internal power sockets, to allow electrical items to be run during the fumigation cycle.  
All critical parameters controlled via the chamber PLC  
Flush thresholds allow easy loading/unloading of carts (change to: walk-in use with wheeled trollies etc.?)  
Full Range of aeration options to suit customers’ requirements  
Decontamination cycle times as short as 60 minutes  
Full service support contracts available to suit GMP and Life Science facilities.  
Validated Log 6 cycles  


HVAC assisted aeration or APB with exhaust to atmosphere  
Low Level H202 sensors  
Internal compressed air supply for door sets  

Stainless steel or HPL door sets

Right Angle Design – Bespoke sizes available on request  
Yokogawa Data-Logger  
304 or 316 stainless steel construction


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