Vision Panel – Lead Shielding

  Versatile Protection

The PBSC lead shielding vision panel can provide up to 12mm lead equivalency and can be provided for different application including code 5, code 6, code 7 etc…

In keeping with the clean and flush designs of PBSC, the lead shielding glazed screens have flush glazing in polished stainless steel architraves and no visible fixings to either side.

The quality vision panels provide a secure fixing with sub-frames made to suit the wall thickness and polished stainless steel reveal liners to provide a clean stainless steel finish through the vision panel.

Various sizes are available but there are size restrictions as the lead shielding equivalency increases. Please contact PBSC to find what sizes are available at the shielding levels you require.

The vision panels are available with fire rating up to 60 minutes, testing to BS 476 Part 22.

The windows can be provided with various blinds including blackout, laser protection or venetians. 


Key Features

Flushed glazed vision panels to both sides


Up to 12mm lead equivalency


Fire rated version available.


Overlapping flanges to both sides of the opening

Screen printed borders, bonded to the glass  
Made to fit into various wall thickness   


Fire rated option -  Up to 1 hour


Mullion for larger openings


Acoustic upgrades


Venetian or Roller Blinds


304 or 316 stainless steel construction


PPC finish available in any RAL/BS colour


Contact PBSC

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