Air Shower with Safe Change
  High performance - low Energy

PBSC’s personnel air shower comes in two designs, one with the integrated Air Handling Unit (AHU) on the top of the shower or with a separate AHU which has “Safe Change” filters.  Both are designed to remove particles from the operative with high velocity jets of air.  This web page is on the “Safe Change” AHU which is designed to remove hazardous particles and provide a safe process of changing the filters when required.

Like the all PBSC products the “Safe Change” air shower is the latest design which has been continually improved over the years and features either a stainless steel or powder coated steel construction with interlocked float/toughened glass personnel doors. The shower has final assembly in place and requires no cranes or special access on site as the largest piece will fit through a single door way.

Maximum clear opening, the door design has been refined to provide a maximum clear entry width with the frame finishing flush to the internal panels (straight through design only). 

There are 9 x adjustable stainless steel nozzles on each of the two side walls in the shower, total of 18 nozzles in the shower.

As the operative enters the shower the PLC automatically turns on the high performance 24VDC LED light which is powered from the PLC (no mains power in the shower cubicle).

The design of the shower has the nozzles at staggered heights around the operative so as they turn around (following the SOP) they receive an air shower over all parts of their body and suit.

There is a low level return on each wall panel which needs to be ducted to the Safe Change AHU mounted remotely from the Air Shower.  The AHU can be in the technical void above the shower or next to the shower.  PBSC supply the AHU with an inverter which requires a 3Ph power supply and is controlled by the shower PLC via a run signal to the inverter. 

When the shower cycle is started by the operative, the shower controls lock the doors and run the fans to provide the air flow below.   Based on the inverter being set at 65Hz and a maximum pressure drop of 800 Pa in the ducting connecting the shower to the AHU.

Clean Filter – 150 Pa

36m/s at 5cm from the nozzles

Dirty Filter – 500 Pa

32 m/s at 5cm from the nozzles

The system is available with a range of control panel options, the standard is a Siemens Logo, but it can be provided with an Allen Bradley PLC or a Siemens S1200 PLC. 

The S1200 PLC comes with a touch screen in the shower (or on the PLC cabinet) to show the shower status, alarms can be seen and cleared from the screen.

Key features

PLC controlled internal 24VDC LED light  
Safe Change housing on the filters  
Scan box after the HEPA filter  
Pressure switch monitoring across the HEPA filter  
High velocity from nozzles  
Over 30m/s with dirty filters  
Adjustable stainless steel nozzle, no performance loss with different positional settings  
Frameless glass door sets – maximum clear opening  


Right Angles Design

Air knife (requires S1200 PLC upgrade)  
Automated Doors  

S1200 PLC upgrade

304 or 316 stainless steel construction  



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PBSC Clean room Air Shower with Safe Change
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