Vision Panels


Flush Glazing Vision Panel
Clear attention to detail

Flush glazing vision panels, made to suit required wall thickness. the design is without visible fixings and a wide range of sizes are available. Mullion or transom construsctions provided for large vision panels where required.

Flush glazed flanges to both sides


No visible fixings


Intergrated blinds or "Magic" glass available


Fire Rated Vision Panel
Protection and Clarity

A wide range of clean room vision panels with fire rating, both integrity and insulation options. Flush fitting to both sides with up to 2 hours integrity. Can be provide in speciality application with lead shieding and with blinds / "Magic" glass.

Flush Glazing Both Sides  
Mullions or Transsom Construction Available  
304 or 316 Grade Stainless Steel  

Secondary Glazing Vision Panel
Flush glazing to the Inside

To provide flush sealed glazing to the inside of the laboratories, the secondary glazing vision panel provides the versatile design required. Sealing the laboratories wall and finishing up to the external window.

Virious sized available  
Mullions or Transom design if required  
Blinds, venntians or "magic" glass available.  

Leading Sheilding
GMP design with protection

Vison panel to provide lead shielding, whist being vlean and fixing free to the laboratories. Can be provide in various lead equivalencies and options such as blinds, acoustic performance and "magic" glass.

Mullions or Transom design if required  
Flush Glazing Both Side of Vision Panel  
Fire Rated Available up to 60 minutes  

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