HPV (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour) Decontamination Chamber
  Rapid, Safe and Reliable

Rapid 6log Decontamination Cycles from 35 minutes
Does not require connection to  HVAC System
Developed Material Transfer and Presentation Systems
Inflatable Seal Doors

The material fumigation hatch provides a rapid hydrogen peroxide vapor material decontamination cycle, from 35 minutes in total for a validated 6Log kill. 

The hatches come with a cart system option that allows the goods to be transferred quickly and safely through the hatch.  This also provides a consistent load presentation in the hatch, to assist in repeatable fumigation cycles.  Racking systems are also available where the cart system is not required.

With over 50 HPV fumigation chambers in active use, PBSC and Bioquell provide a highly reliable system which will provide long lasting results over many years, which has been proven in the field and material compatibility testing is available to provide proof of efficacy before committing to the hydrogen peroxide material decontamination chamber.

These are constructed in stainless steel with a dedicated Siemens© PLC, 6” Siemens© colour touch screens, internal aeration unit, air purge boost system with monitored air tight dampers and two high performance inflatable seal doors.  The pass through fumigation hatch PLC monitors all the critical parameters set up during commissioning to ensure a safe and effective cycle.

The doors are machined from solid high pressure laminate with no hollow core, these are easy to clean and have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.  There is a large vision panel with true flush glazing to both sides with no fixable fixings to the door leaf.  There is an inflatable seal around the perimeter which retracts into the groove when deflated to protect the seal.

The hatch interfaces with a Bioquell Clarus™ L2 or L3 generator for a HPV decontamination cycle.

Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms and viruses, the decontamination hatch is much more energy efficient and gentler on equipment than autoclaves.   It can even be used on heat sensitive items, electronics such as laptops and calibration devices.

The APB (Air Purge Boost) system which takes fresh air through the chamber which can then be ducted directly to atmosphere, providing quick reliable and safe cycles without added strain to the HVAC system.  The exhaust can be taken into the HVAC extract system if required.

Used to bio-decontaminate materials entering or exiting controlled environments, where validated cycles are required.  These include goods entering a higher classification clean room in a pharmaceutical environment or goods exiting across the containment line in a BSL2/3 or 4 facility. 

The chamber can be installed into a preformed wall or into a cast concrete wall where it is forming part of the containment boundary.

Where you can’t fit the generator in the technical void or next to the chamber the C2C-IG with the integrated generator is an ideal solution.  See C2C-IG data sheet for more information.

C2C 600
Door size:       600mm W x 1200mm H
Internal Size:  600mm W x 1200mm H x 940mm D
External Size:  1000mm W x 2083mm H x 1000mm D

C2C 900

Door size:       900mm W x 1200mm H
Internal Size:  900mm W x 1200mm H x 1140mm D
External Size:  1300mm W x 2083mm H x 1200mm D

Large Vision Panels, with True Flush Glazing both sides  
Reliable and proven inflatable seal doors  
All critical parameters controlled via the chamber & generator PLC  
Validated decontamination cycle times from 35 minutes  
Full service support contracts available to suit GMP and Life Science facilities  
Full service support contracts available to suit GMP and Life Science facilities  
Cart transfer system for safe loading and unloading  
High Quality components, SMC pneumatics and Siemens PLC system  


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