PBSC are a leading manufacturer of clean room, high containment and material decontamination products. With an extensive product range, bespoke designs and assembly capabilities to meet customer's needs, PBSC provide high quality products and service to the pharmaceutical, medical research, high containment and hospital sectors around the world.

PBSC have agents and representatives in most countries to provide excellent local support and logistical services to make sure your products arrive on time. Contact PBSC for your local representative information.

Operating for over 30 years in the specialist sectors, PBSC offer quick and accurate assistance during project planning to consultants, architects and end users.

Our products include:
  • Clean room doors
  • Pneumatic Inflatable Seal / Air Tight Door Sets
  • Mechanical Seal / Air Tight Doors
  • Material Decontamination Chambers
  • Transfer Hatches / Cleanroom Pass Through
  • Fogging Shower / Mist Shower
  • Air Shower

Please view our product range on the website and if there is something you are interesting but cannot find it on our website, please contact us.

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PBSC Decontamination showers can be referred to as clean room decontamination shower, clean room air shower, cleanroom decontamination shower, cleanroom air shower, clean room decontamination showers, clean room air showers, cleanroom decontamination showers, cleanroom air showers. PBSC Vision Panels can be referred to as clean room vision panels, clean room viewing panels, cleanroom vision panels , cleanroom viewing panels, clean room vision panel , clean room window, cleanroom window clean room viewing panel, cleanroom vision panel , cleanroom viewing panel. PBSC Break Out Panels can be referred to as, clean room emergency escape panel, clean room break out panels, push out panels, zip out panels, cleanroom emergency escape panel , cleanroom break out panels, clean room emergency escape panels , clean room break out panel, cleanroom emergency escape panels , cleanroom break out panel.

 PBSC Furniture can be referred to as clean room furniture, clean room equipment, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom equipment. Main industries we supply are: Pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry, biotechnology industry, life science, Pharma industry, Healthcare, NHS, Medical Industry and food industry, GB, England, Ireland, IRE ,Scotland, Wales,UK,  PortugalEUDutch,Finish, Australia,  French , Spanish,Germany,RussiaItalianNorwayHungarianLatvianPolish, IndianChineseArabic, Northern America, Canada, United States of America, USA, US. For high containment control, contamination control and cleanrooms.